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Me&My Records - Continental Record Services, Wageningen, The Netherlands, 2002.

Big Pete - vocals, harmonica
Enrico Crivellaro - guitar
Matt Schofield - guitar
Rick Reed - bass
Eddie Clark - drums

Recorded live at New Road Studios, Wijchen, The Netherlands, February 24th, 2002.

By his own admission this is one of Enrico's favorite recordings, for it captures the sheer power and raw intensity of this awesome, rocking band at work--and some of his best playing.
Features the music of the late great Lester Butler, and his former band members Enrico Crivellaro and Eddie Clark (who is also the legendary drummer of the William Clarke Blues Band).
Big Pete and British guitar heavyweight Matt Schofield are in their twenties on this album and already show their spectacular talent and feel for the music, and what they are capable of.
Rick Reed (Paul Butterfield, William Clarke, you name it!) provides the bottom for this killer band. Nothing short of amazing.
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